To a Low-Carbon economy in the High School. Science on Stage 2019

El proyecto hacia una economía baja en Carbono, participará en el Congreso Europeo Science on Stage 2019, dónde se celebrará la mayor feria de la educación europea, con más de 450 profesores de primaria y secundaria participantes. La coordinadora Carolina Clavijo Aumont, del I.E.S Itaca de Tomares, ha sido elegida para representar a España en los proyectos de sostenibilidad, con el proyecto ganador en Ciencia en Acción 2017.

El festival tendrá lugar en Cascais, del 31 de Octubre al 3 de Noviembre.

One of our projects, «To a low-carbon economy in the highschool», will participate in Science on Stage 2019  .

The next European Science on Stage festival will take place from 31 October to 3 November 2019 in Cascais, Portugal, at the Estoril Congress Center. At the largest European educational fair for STEM teachers around 450 primary and secondary school teachers from over 30 countries come together to exchange best practice teaching concepts. They present their most innovative ideas from teachers for teachers in a fair, in workshops, and performances.

Carolina Clavijo Aumont, who coordinates the proyect «To a low-carbon economy in the highschool» in 2017, and whose proyect was awarded in Ciencia en Acción 2017 Ermua, has been choosen to represent Spain in Cascais.

The project:



Every year CO2 emissions increase. The sources of these emissions are varied, but people are the final cause. Our society is not concerned about the importance of this, but if we aware people from youth, situation will change.

Our investigation examines the environmental situation of our schools in different environmental sectors: water and electric consumption, waste and recycling, green areas and noise. Every sector has its own objectives.

Our objective is to propose various improvements in the educational sector to reduce carbon emissions, our impact in nature and economic spending which could be utilized in other sectors also.

The following points will be developed, clearly demonstrating the main problems, creating proposals and solutions, providing us with the final results which will enable us to create a better world.

We have verified that by changing our habits in our daily life our schools would save a lot of money on energy and the consumption would be surprisingly low. But for this to happen we would need everyone’s help.


Key words: water and electric consumption, waste and recycling, green areas, noise, carbon emissions, environmental impact, environmental situation, environmental sector.

Low Carbon- economy Poster

To a low-carbon economy in the high school.

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